(formerly Ebtekar Boroujen)

Ebtekar Hashemi Company

Ebtekar Hashemi Company (formerly Ebtekar Boroujen) started its activity in the field of manufacturing of agricultural machinery and other tractor trailers in 1983 to promote the product’s quality and to attract customers’ satisfaction. Over time and developming of machinery technology and farmers demand to the machinery with impressive profile than before such as highe quality, need to spend less time, minimum cost and workforce for production, Since 2000 , this section has employed experienced and trained workforce in the field of agricultural machinery engineering to produce with the advanced features for farmers and quality control supervisors to help them control the production lines at all times and to promote the quality of products. Ebtekar Hashemi agricultural industrial, agricultural and production Group has honored to export his products to the Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Sudan,

The honors of Ebtekar Hashemi agricultural industrial, agricultural and production Group are as follows:

Achievement the rank of Distinguished Industrialist in 2001 and 2002

Obtaining Test and Assessment of Agricultural Machinery Certificate of production machines (Threshing machine) issued by Iranian Agricultural Machines and Appliances Center in 2004

Membership of SAMEC Association (Trade Union of Agricultural Machinery and Appliances Manufacturers) in 2003 and working as an active member in production with the aim of promotion of new developments

Having passed management courses in the United Kingdom and Australia, the managing director and the personnel of this production unit have made efforts to take great strides towards the long-term objectives of the production unit: Manufacturing Products of National Quality and even of International Quality.

It should be noted that this production unit has provided job opportunities for more than 40 adult young active persons.

Wishing that we shall have active presence in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery and appliances with the divine help of God and round-the-clock efforts of the managers of this production unit.

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